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Bird Watching in the Museum

From prehistoric owl brooches to 1940s bird hats the Museum's collections are full of our feathered friends. Through this series of blogs we will explore the different depictions of birds in the museum. Why they were so important in history and what they can tell us about life in the past.

Funeral Helms

This guest blog is written by Mary Oliver. Mary visited the Corinium Museum Collection as a researcher and has kindly written this post about Funeral Helms from the Cotswold area.

Discovery to Display

On Saturday 21st July a special event organised by the Corinium Museum and Cotswold Archaeology, and funded by the Roman Society, invited Museum and Roman Society Members to board a bus and go on a journey to learn about the process of archaeological discovery to display!

2016 Olympics

This week our guest blogger Emily, a Museum Studies M.A. student at the University of Leicester, takes a sneak-peak into the Corinium Museum’s stores to uncover some sporting artefacts. In celebration of the 2016 Olympics kicking off tomorrow evening, this week we’re taking a brief break from the archaeology, and dipping into Cirencester’s sporting history! […]