Double-sided bone comb with one end made to look like the face of an owl.


Objects in Roman collection


Copper alloy finger ring.

Saddle plates

A rare set of decorated military saddle plates from Cirencester.

Samian bowl

Decorated with leaves and vines, this bowl was found during excavations of the Leaholme fort in 1961.

Septimius stone

This inscription records the restoration of a Jupiter column in the town by Lucius Septimius, who is described as the Rector or governor of the Province of Britannia Prima.

Tombstone of Dannicus

Romano-British sculpture, first century A.

Tombstone of Nemomnius

Nemomnius was a male Roman citizen who died when he was 75 years old, which was very old for a Roman.


Copper alloy head of the Roman god of fire and volcanoes.

Wall plaster

Large section of painted wall plaster from a 1st century AD timber-framed shop which faced onto the road.

Water nymph

Bone figurine of a water nymph, a symbol of spring.