Wedding dress

Wedding dress

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White cotton and silk dress worn by Kathleen Muriel Arkell at her wedding in 1909 to Donald Hoddinott – Kathleen was 23 and Donald was 26. The wedding took place at Southrop Manor. Kathleen’s father farmed Southrop Manor Farm and Donald’s family farmed in Buscot near Lechlade. The dress comprises a separate bodice and skirt, an example of a late Victorian and early Edwardian economical solution for reusing a wedding dress – one bodice for the wedding and one for the evening. The former could be kept as an object of sentiment and the latter could be worn until the dress was no longer fashionable. Along with her veil, we also have the wedding photograph showing the families arranged in front of the manor house. Thanks to a diligent relative’s list on the back, we can put a name to every face in the photograph from Edith (Donald’s sister-in-law) to Grandma Arkell.
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Wedding dress
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