Family Drop-ins

Sponge printing march 2013 001

Family drop-ins are suitable for children aged 3 and above. Cost: £2.50 per child, £1.50 for season ticket holders. All children must be accompanied by an adult. 

Stretchy Roman Cook

Tuesday 11 April, 10-11am

Explore some Roman pottery and have a go at grinding in a mortarium, just like the Romans did, then make a stretchy Roman Cook to take home.


Illuminated Birds

Tuesday 18 April, 10-11am

Medieval scribes put quill to paper to produce some extraordinary designs of animals and birds. Join us to create your own medieval bird to take home.


Pop-up Abbey

Wednesday 19 April, 10-11am

Celebrate 900 years since the founding of Cirencester’s Medieval Abbey by Henry I. Today very little remains but the building was magnificent. Join us to make a pop up version of your own medieval Abbey to take home.


Gargoyles on Sticks

Tuesday 30 May, 10-11am

Gargoyles with long tongues and animal faces appear on religious buildings across the Cotswolds. Join us to create a medieval beast on a stick to take home.


Saxon Shields

Thursday 1 June, 10-11am

When the Anglo-Saxons took to the battlefields, they protected themselves from weapons with patterned shields. Join us to create your very own Saxon shield to take home.