Family Drop-ins

Sponge printing march 2013 001

Family drop-ins are suitable for children aged 3 and above. Cost: £2.50 per child, £1.50 for season ticket holders. All children must be accompanied by an adult. 


Roman Shields

Thursday 27 July, 10-11am

When the Romans took to the battlefields, they protected themselves from weapons with huge decorated shields. Join us to create your very own Roman shield to take home.


Roman Cockerels

Tuesday 1 August, 10-11am

Inspired by the rare bronze cockerel in the museum collections that was found in a child’s grave. Join us to create your very own cockerel on a stick to take home.


Roman Soldier on a Stick

Thursday 3 August, 10-11am

Roman soldiers had special kit which they bought themselves once they joined the Roman Army. Join us to create your very own Roman soldier on a stick to take home.


Pop-up Medieval Abbey

Wednesday 9 August, 10-11am

2017 celebrates 900 years since the founding of the Abbey in Cirencester. Come along to the museum to make your own pop-up abbey to take home.


Pop-up Ice Age

Wednesday 16 August, 10-11am

Join us at the museum to create a scene of mammoths and sabre-tooth cats in their Ice Age haven to taken home.


Woolly Mammoths

Thursday 24 August, 10-11am

Thousands of years ago, woolly mammoths used to roam across the Cotswold landscape. Join us to create a woolly mammoth to take home.