Corinium Museum Temporary Exhibitions

The Corinium Museum strives to encourage access for all to its nationally important collections. Access to the museum collections is provided through the permanent displays within the museum, plus an extensive education and outreach programme. Further access is achieved through a diverse and imaginative temporary exhibitions programme.

Printing with Texture and Text

Printing with Texture and Text

Selected Printmakers, curated by Tricia Torrington

3 – 25 September

This exhibition will showcase work from artists who have taken part in workshops, focussing on textural printmaking and ‘poetry-into-print’.  The exhibition will feature 2D and 3D works, printing onto different surfaces including ceramics, under glass, and works using text, including artists’ books. The show confirms how wide-ranging print techniques are, and is colourful, exciting and full of interest.

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coats 2


CHART art collective

29 September – 31 October

CHART is a small, Cheshire based collective of visual artists interested in the links between all the arts and sciences, and in structure, time, words, numbers and symbols. They share a deep sense of the connectivity of human experience, our relationship with nature and the importance of spirituality. References to all these elements are evident in their work. Their new exhibition COAST examines the elemental nature of our shorelines, the interaction of land and sea as well as the beauty and power of the littoral. www.chart.uk.com

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Found Fired and Fabulous

Found, Fired and Fabulous

Group Exhibition

3 November – 27 November

Found objects, fired glass and ceramics become unique, colourful and delicate creations in a fabulous exhibition by five local artists. Marion Mitchell makes textured, imaginative sculptures and vessels using glazes in a unique and painterly way. Tara Davidson creates beautifully textured ceramics featuring antique lace and plants. Amanda Moriarty’s inspiration from urban and rural landscapes utilises dynamic colour to create unique kiln-fired glass. Hannah Mathison’s extraordinary reclaimed metal and wood sculptures transport you to a world of inspiration and creativity. Gourd and Horse presents playful and functional handcrafted ceramic works. Piggy banks for grown-ups, yarn bowls for knitting-bees and orchid pots for green-fingers

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Christmas Exhibition

Tony Meeuwissen

1 December – 8 January

“He has the eye of an illustrator and the mind of a designer.” David Pelham

An eclectic exhibition by an artist with an illustrious career. Tony Meeuwissen’s award winning, magical illustrations have adorned Penguin books, Royal Mail stamps, playing cards, children’s books and even appears on a Rolling Stones LP. He is one of Britain’s foremost illustrators and will be exhibiting his Christmas exhibition at the Corinium Museum. His most recent accolade is Title of Royal Designer for Industry conferred by the RSA in 2013.

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AONB Cotswold views

Art Inspired by the Cotswolds

Cotswolds AONB

15 January – 5 February

This year sees the Cotswolds celebrate 50 years of being designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). The anniversary will culminate in a public art exhibition open to amateur and professional artists from within and beyond the Cotswolds. The exhibition will showcase art work in a variety of mediums and genres inspired by the Cotswolds landscape.

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Two Views

Sarah Smart and Christina Rice

11 February – 26 February

Sarah E J Smart loves to paint. She is an artist living in north Wiltshire. She draws inspiration from many sources. Whether a landscape or an abstract work, Sarah generally uses acrylic paints, and anything else that will help her to achieve a satisfying interpretation of a subject. Christina Rice is a Stroud based artist who finds her primary inspiration in the natural world. Her paintings and mixed media works reflect this. She is particularly interested in the overlooked elements of the landscape. Little worlds contained in hedgerows, the beauty and texture of bark, shadows and reflections all inform her work.

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Field of View

Chris Bingle

2 March – 19 March

Chris gained a degree in Fine Art in 1982 from Preston Polytechnic but has have been painting all her life. This exhibition of still life and landscapes ‘en plein air’ will transport viewers to familiar locations. Chris uses colour and light to capture the essence of the environment she conveys. Everyday objects are transformed into objects of colour and texture that evoke past and present memories to the onlooker. ‘Fields of View’ exposes the varied techniques and finishes that can be achieved through the use of oils. Chris is a member of the prestigious Cheltenham Group of Artists and works with the Pegasus Arts team. She exhibits in group and solo shows locally and around the country. Her work is in public and private collections across the UK.

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