Corinium Museum Temporary Exhibitions

The Corinium Museum strives to encourage access for all to its nationally important collections. Access to the museum collections is provided through the permanent displays within the museum, plus an extensive education and outreach programme. Further access is achieved through a diverse and imaginative temporary exhibitions programme.



Sarah Smart painting


Exhibition by Sarah Smart

8 February – 4 March

A selection of views, compositions and ideas that have caught Sarah’s eye and demanded that she do something with the inspiration. She has enjoyed the making of this art and hope you do too.

This exhibition shows a selection of paintings (mixed media and/or acrylic), drawings, digital prints and papier mâché, often highly colourful; while Sarah truly enjoys and appreciates strong linear design, her heart loves colour best of all.

Sarah Smart is an artist living in north Wiltshire. She draws inspiration from many sources, but her favourite areas in the Southwest and East Anglia regularly appear as subjects. Pinning Sarah down to a single style is difficult, but the process is similar for all of her series of works. Whether a landscape or an abstract work, she generally uses acrylic paints, and anything else that will help her to achieve a satisfying interpretation of a subject. Most of all, Sarah loves painting.

Free admission. All art works for sale