Hunting Dogs Mosaic


Objects in Mosaics collection

Admiral’s Walk- Cantharus

Fragment from a third century AD mosaic found in the excavations at Admiral's Walk, St Michael's Field, Cirencester in 1974.

Admiral’s Walk-Dolphin

Fragment from a third century AD mosaic found in excavations at Admiral's Walk, St.

Ashcroft House Scroll

This scroll depicting a heart-shaped leaf and a bud is thought to have been found about 100 years ago at Ashcroft House in Cirencester.

Congregational Church Octagon Fragment

This fragment shows an octagon containing a flower in a wave pattern border.

Geometric Mosaic

This large fragment from a geometric mosaic shows three octagons, two containing floral motifs and one with a pelta.

Hare Mosaic

This fourth century AD mosaic was found in excavations at Beeches Road, Cirencester in 1971.

Hunting Dogs Mosaic

This mosaic was found under Dyer Street, Cirencester in 1849, inspiring the creation of the first Corinium Museum.

Meander Mosaic

This fourth century AD geometric mosaic was found in the same excavations as the Hare mosaic and came from the same house.

Orpheus Mosaic

The Orpheus mosaic was found at Barton Farm, just outside Cirencester, in 1824/25.