Grotesque Face


Objects in Medieval collection

Medieval tile

Tiles like this have been found at the site of Cirencester Abbey.

Pewter chalice

Dating from the 14th century, this example was found in a burial during excavations on the site of Cirencester Abbey and Saxon Church, 1964—66.

Pilgrim badge

Pilgrim badges, often mass-produced in pewter or base metal, were collected at religious sites.

Pope corbel

Excavations carried out in the abbey grounds in 1964—66 revealed the plan of the church and a wealth of broken sculpture from the chapter house, including this 15th-century pope's head.

Portrait of John Coxwell (1516—1614)

John Coxwell made his money from the wool trade.

Silver crucifix

Silver-gilt medieval pendant crucifix, with Christ suspended from the cross, flanked by the Virgin Mary on his right side and John the Evangelist on his left.

Silver pin

A close-up of the head of a silver pin dating from the 16th century, worn as an adornment to clothing.

Tripod cistern

An example of simple everyday pottery used for storing and pouring liquid.