Grotesque Face


Objects in Medieval collection

Abbot corbel

Excavations carried out in the abbey grounds in 1964—66 revealed the plan of the church and a wealth of broken sculpture from the chapter house, including this 15th-century abbot's head.

Bone earscoop

Earscoops were used to clear wax from the ear.

Gold noble

A quarter rose gold noble of Edward II (reigned 1330—1377) found at Barton Farm, Cirencester.

Grotesque face

This medieval carved stone corbel is in the form of a grotesque head with its tongue sticking out.

Ivory figurine

The goods offered for sale in the market at Cirencester became quite exotic as trade expanded.

Lead ampulla

Ampullae were brought by pilgrims from religious sites.

Lead bulla

Medieval lead papal bulla from the reign of Pope John XII (1316-34), found during Cirencester Abbey and Saxon Church excavations, 1964—66.

Lead star

Thought to be a ceiling decoration, this would once have been gilded and may have been intended to mirror the heavens inside the Abbey of St Mary.

Medieval brooch

A silver-gilt brooch that would have been worn to secure and adorn clothing.