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Kids in Museums Takeover Day 2017

As part of Kids in Museums Takeover Day 2017 a group of students taking part in Corinium Volunteer Makers and Education Developing Gloucestershire’s Employability (EDGE) project have written blogs about their experiences. Edge is a pioneering scheme that aims to improve the employability skills of young people by working with learners, employers and education providers whilst focusing […]

My Favourite Object

This week’s blog post is written by Clare Hall, a professional anthropologist and academic. Think of the Corinum Museum and think of Romans: the name says it all really. But my favourite thing in the collection is one of the youngest objects on display. The Alfred Powell Bowl is an extremely large piece of blue […]

The Tombstone of Sextus Valerius Genialis

Upon entering Corinium Museum you will be struck by this superb example of a Roman cavalry tombstone. This find dates from the late 1st or beginning of the 2nd century (c.60 CE), and was unearthed in Watermoor, Cirencester in 1836. Particularly fascinating is its imposing scale and the breadth of detail present. The intricate craftsmanship […]

An Exciting Discovery by Kelly Daye

Kelly Daye is a student from Deer Park school who has spent the week with us here at the Corinium Museum on work experience. He has taken part in a variety of tasks throughout the week, one of which was to spend the day Resource Centre in Northleach, cataloguing and helping to identify pre-historic artefacts. […]

Making Old Pots Do New Tricks

This month’s blog entry coincides with a new display at the Corinium Museum which looks at agriculture and food production. Caitlin Greenwood is a current PhD student at the University of Bristol. She is working on extracting food residues from Roman pottery stored at Corinium Museum. Why Food? Brilliant historical food writer, Jean Anthelme Brillart-Savarin […]

Enter Alexander Neckham

Alexander Neckham was born in St. Albans in 1157 of aristocratic parents on the same day as Richard the Lionheart was born in Windsor. As was customary at that time, the Royal baby was immediately fostered onto a nursing mother – Alexander’s mother, Hodierna (it is probable that Hodierna Knoyle (now West Knoyle) in Wiltshire […]

Medieval Manuscripts of Cirencester Abbey

Our guest blogger is Alan Welsford, a local resident who has been involved with the Abbey 900 display of manuscripts with us at the museum. Alan is responsible for the idea of bringing Alexendar Neckham further into the spotlight, and via this blog shows the importance of Cirencester, the Abbey, and the medieval manuscripts on […]

My favourite artefact: Hunting Dogs Mosaic

My name is Nadia Williamson, I am from Cirencester Kingshill School and am currently visiting the museum as work experience. My favourite artefact at the Museum is probably the Hunting Dogs Mosaic, which dates from the second century AD. It was originally composed of aquatic imagery however was later remodelled, possibly due to the collapse […]

Summer work placement

Hi! I’m Emily, a Museum Studies M.A. student at the University of Leicester. As part of my course, I’m doing a summer work placement here at the Corinium Museum. My background is in Latin and Roman culture. While I’m here I’ll be doing a series of blog posts looking in closer detail at interesting features, […]

Mementos from Gloucestershire’s schools

Our guest blogger Emily, a Museum Studies M.A. student at the University of Leicester, takes a look at mementos from Gloucestershire’s schools. The Corinium Museum’s social history collection contains many charming mementos from Gloucestershire’s schools. These objects have the ability both to highlight how much has changed about education and childhood, and how much remains […]