Object handling trolley

Sam’s Volunteering Experience at Corinium Museum

I’m Sam, I am 18 years old and I go to Cirencester College. I have been volunteering with the museum as part of an internship for my Employment Skills course and because I’m very interested in history.

During my first week I got to know the museum and its collection. One task involved finding objects that related to certain themes such as Halloween, Christmas and bonfire night. This was to be posted on the museums social media sites for example Facebook, twitter etc.

I also got to grips with the museum’s Collections Management Database called Adlib, which stores information about objects on and off display, it includes pictures and where it was found, condition etc. Using Adlib I could find out about different objects, this helped me to start researching objects.

My main task involved creating an object handling box to show to the public. I chose to focus on the Homefront during WW1 & WW2. I had to think carefully about what objects where safe and practical to handle and research information to help the public and volunteers interpret the objects I picked.

When I completed the object handling box, I was then able to show the objects to the public in the galleries and share all the information I had researched.

Object handling trolley

The Good – The museum is a nice environment and all the staff are nice. I never thought that I would present a project to the public at the start of my work experience but managed to do this I feel proud .

The bad– You may get lost.

The ugly – You don’t get paid.

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