2017 Animation Script-Writing Competition for UK Schools

The University of Kent Department of Classical and Archaeological Studies have launched an Animation Script-Writing Competition for UK schools and colleges (Years 7 to 13).

Script-writing is an exciting way to use your knowledge about Rome and its people to develop your own stories, it can also help with revision. The winner will have the opportunity to produce an animated film based on their script.

First Prize £100

For more details and to enter please download an application form from: https://blogs.kent.ac.uk/lucius-romans/2017-animation-script-writing-competition-for-uk-schools-and-colleges-years-7-to-13/


Advice for entrants on Script-Writing

First off, we recommend that all entrants view the films ‘A Glimpse of Teenage Life in Ancient Rome’ and ‘Four Sisters in Ancient Rome’ – you may wish to put the subtitles on to see how the script intersects with the animated content. Then, you need to decide: which part of the Roman Empire will the story be set in – you will need to think about how it would feel to migrate from one part of the Empire to another. Take a look at our film about migration in history. The blog Lucius’ Romans may also be useful that will show you some of the research behind the two films made for TED.Ed.

Your script will be judged with reference to three areas: Accuracy, Originality and Humour.

Rules All rules must be complied with or the entry will be disqualified.

  1. An entry form must be completed – download from https://blogs.kent.ac.uk/lucius-romans/2017-animation-script-writing-competition-for-uk-schools-and-colleges-years-7-to-13/
  2. Length – no more than 1000 words.
  3. Subject matter – a story about a person who left their home in one part of the Roman Empire and settled in a city somewhere else in the Roman Empire.
  4. The text of the script needs to be double-spaced and in a font larger than Arial 11.
  5. The text of the script must be written in English.
  6. Entrants need to be attending a school/college in the United Kingdom – Years 7 to 13. Students in Higher Education (e.g. Universities) may not enter the competition.
  7. Submission must be made by email to classicscripts@kent.ac.uk on a completed entry form that has been signed by a member of staff at your school or college.
  8. All parts of the entry form must be completed.
  9. All scripts must be received by 9pm on 31 March 2017.

Judging Process University of Kent staff from the Department of Classical and Archaeological Studies will draw up a shortlist of scripts to submit to our panel of judges. Shortlisted scripts will be judged in relation to their accuracy, originality and humour. The judging will be completed by the time of the Classical Association Conference in Canterbury in April 2017.

The Winning Entry As well as the prize money, we will also approach (with permission of the entrant) animators and others with a view to having the script turned into a film for release on YouTube as free-on-line content.

Queries may be sent to classicscripts@kent.ac.uk.