The Hunter from Naukratis

Naukratis BM image two tone blue and black

A Greek in Egypt: The Hunter from Naukratis

A British Museum Spotlight Tour

28 May – 17 July

The hunter from Naukratis is a spotlight display developed by the British Museum to explore the encounter between the ancient civilisations of Egypt and Greece, Cyprus, Phoenicia, Persia, and Rome. At the dawn of the Classical Age, Egypt opened a port at Naukratis, welcoming the peoples of the Mediterranean to trade. There the Greeks were allowed to build sanctuaries in which to worship their gods, whilst nearby large Egyptian temples were also constructed.

The spotlight display will highlight the on-going British Museum excavations at Naukratis and show footage of underwater archaeology in the region. The hunter from Naukratis will coincide with the major British Museum exhibition Sunken Cities, on the underwater excavations of the contemporary Egyptian ports of Thonis-Herakleion and Alexandria. Image shows Cypriot limestone figure of a huntsman, Naukratis, Egypt. 575-40 BC

Free Admission

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