Evening Lectures

To book tickets to an evening lecture please call 01285 655611 or visit the Corinium Museum.

The Saxon Era

Anthony Poulton-Smith

Thursday 22 February, 7-8.30pm

A revealing look at the so-called Dark Ages, revealing why they were anything but ‘dark’ and gave us a language, a system of government, many of the imperial measurements, and much, much more.

Cost: £6.75 per adult, £5.75 for season ticket holders

Booking recommended


Withington; A Surviving Roman Estate

Roger Box

Thursday 22 March, 7-8.30pm

Romano-British villas were extensive rural complexes of domestic, agricultural and occasionally industrial buildings that were constructed throughout the Roman period, from the first to the fourth centuries AD. The remains of Withington Roman villa were first discovered in 1811 and Samuel Lysons was invited to carry out investigations; the remains of walls, pavements and third- to fourth-century AD mosaics were uncovered; enough to identity that the plan of the building was a tripartite corridor villa and bath-house.

Join Roger Box to uncover the magnificent villa and surrounding areas that neighboured Chedworth but are no longer visible.

Cost: £6.75 per adult, £5.75 for season ticket holders

Booking recommended


Ashes of London book cover

‘The Fire Court’ and the Great Fire of London

Andrew Taylor

Thursday 26 April, 7-8.30pm

Andrew Taylor releases ‘The Fire Court’, an historical thriller and continuation of ‘The Ashes of London,’ through Harper Collins on 5th April 2018. Andrew will visit the Corinium Museum to talk about his books and the background behind them. Set during and just after the Great Fire of 1666, the books are set in Restoration England. ‘The Ashes of London’ was made Waterstone’s thriller of the month in 2017 and was the number one bestseller for eight weeks in The Times/Waterstones chart.

Andrew Taylor is an award winning author of a number of crime novels, including the ground-breaking Roth Trilogy.

In partnership with Waterstones and Harper Collins

Cost: £6.75 per adult £5.75 for season ticket holders

Booking recommended