Experience Boxes

Quite simply a classroom session in a box which includes objects, suggested session plans and notes. These boxes offer a DIY active learning session for the classroom using real or replica objects from different periods.


Investigate the People from Roman Corinium

This box looks at 4 people from Roman Corinium. Based on the evidence from tombstones the activities include investigating the objects from the 4 different people to work out what sort of Roman person they were. Then the pupils decipher the tombstone inscriptions to find out further information about their person. The final activity is short film clips of the different people explaining who they were and what happened to them. This really brings it all to life! The experience box is perfect for Secondary Schools studying the Romans or Latin.


Investigate the Anglo Saxons

This box looks at 2 graves from the Anglo-Saxon cemetery site at Butler’s Field, Lechlade. The box contains replica objects that were found in the 2 graves and information about them. There is also information about the skeletons found in the graves. The pupils have to work out from the evidence whether the people buried were male or female, rich or poor, old or young, and healthy or sick. The final part of the experience is to re-enact the Saxon burials.


Introducing History

This experience box is made up of 4 people’s luggage from the past. It includes a Victorian Maid’s laundry basket and contents, WWII Evacuee’s suitcase and contents, Roman Cook’s hamper and contents, and a Tudor boy’s trunk and contents. Children first examine the contents of the luggage to work out who their person might have been. Then they consider the different types of evidence and what survives and what doesn’t. This experience box is perfect for Year 7 pupils starting the History Unit “Introductory Unit: What’s it all about?”


The Victorians – Domestic Life

The Victorian experience looks at life during this period through the eyes of a servant. Expressions such as ‘elbow grease’ and ‘washday’ will be understood by children as they find out for themselves just how hard and different life was then. This experience consists of one basket plus several large items.



The WW1 Experience Box explores four individuals who lived during The Great War. Students will use objects and ephemera as evidence to determine the role of each individual. Costume is incorporated and each person has been carefully researched to ensure authenticity from the period. Comprises 2 boxes.


The Home Front

The Home Front Experience Box explores four aspects of life during World War Two.

  • Clothing – looks at ‘Make do and Mend’ and gives children an opportunity to dress up.
  • Safety- looks at air raids and ‘The Blackout’
  • Food – will give an insight into rationing and a chance to sample some wartime food.
  • Evacuation- through role play, this takes a closer look at the process of evacuation and the impact that it had on the evacuees.


Booking and Cost

Cost: £15 per week or £55 per half term (maximum booking)

Please note that all boxes are collected and returned by arrangement only. Loans boxes must be booked in advance.