Timeportals is a new, free creative learning resource that supports historical investigation in the classroom. Timeportals is rich in primary source material: pictures, photographs, videos and simple text. It is interactive and engaging with instinctive, visual navigation.

“I learned to think about objects and photos in a different way”

“Everything was brilliant and I like the talking pictures!” 

Gloucestershire primary school pupils’ response to the resource

 “I was impressed by the children’s enthusiasm and input into the lesson” 

a Gloucestershire primary school teacher’s response to the resource

Timeportals’ creative learning interactives Amazing Artefacts, Museum Mystery and Talking Pictures have been devised to promote access to the collections of ten Gloucestershire museums in a fun and accessible way. These interactives are suitable for Key Stage 2 children and have been designed to be used by a whole class on the interactive white board, but can also be used with support by pairs of children working on a PC.  All the activities are in line with the National Curriculum and linked to generic learning outcomes.  Follow the link to go directly to the resource http://www.timeportals.co.uk/.


The museums you will find on this resource are: Cheltenham Art Gallery and Museum, Corinium Museum, Dean Forest Railway Museum, Dean Heritage Centre, Edward Jenner Museum, Holst Birthplace Museum, John Moore Countryside Museum, Museum in the Park,Stroud, Nature in Art Museum and Thornbury and District Museum.  All the museum contact details are available on the Timeportals site; http://www.timeportals.co.uk/.