Key Stage 3

NEW! Investigate the Tudors – KS3 or suitable for very advanced KS2 – ideal for years 6, 7, 8, & 9

Primary Aim:

To provide support for schools studying the Tudors.

Secondary Aims:

  • To provide an opportunity for children to explore history through primary evidence.
  • To provide an opportunity for the development of cross-curricula links.
  • To encourage the interpretation of a variety of historical material.
  • To provide an opportunity for children to develop and use appropriate vocabulary.
  • To provide an opportunity for a local study of Tudor remains.
  • To promote the Cotswold Museum Service’s collections and education resources.

Structure of the Session: in 4 groups

  •  Introductory Talk (10 mins) What will you do in the session?
  • Written Evidence (15 mins) What can wills tell us about Tudor  people?
  • Objects (15 mins) What can objects tell us about Tudor People?
  • Buildings and Pictorial Evidence (10 mins) What can buildings and paintings tell us about the Tudors?
  • Plenary (10 mins) What did you learn?

Learning Outcomes:

  • To select and present relevant information to show an understanding of the different types of evidence for Tudors.
  • To show an understanding of primary and secondary evidence.
  • To demonstrate awareness that Tudors lived a long time ago.
  • To show an understanding of associated words and phrases.

Cross-curricula links:

In addition to the primary focus of history, all the activities provide cross-curricula links. These include: Literacy, numeracy, design and technology, PSHE, art and geography.