Key Stage 1

Homes in the Past – ideal for years 1 & 2

Primary Aim:

  • To provide support for schools studying the QCA Unit 2: “What were homes like a long time ago?”

Secondary Aims:

  • To provide an opportunity for children at KS1 to explore history through primary evidence.
  • To provide an opportunity for the development of cross-curricula links.
  • To encourage the interpretation of a variety of historical material.
  • To provide an opportunity for KS1 children to develop and use appropriate vocabulary.
  • To provide an opportunity for a local study of homes in the past.
  • To promote the Cotswold Museum Service’s collections and education resources.

Structure of the Session in 4 groups: on rotation

  • Introductory Talk (10 mins)
    A look at homes in the past.
  • Mystery Objects (10 mins)
    Examining a range of genuine objects, from homes in the past, children will try to discover what the objects were used for.
  • Children’s Jobs (10 mins) The children will try their hand at a number of household jobs that traditionally would have been undertaken by children in homes in the past.
  • Timeline (10 mins) The children will look at a variety of objects and try to arrange them into the correct date order.
  • Where in the home? (10 mins)
    Using a number of objects from homes in the past the children will try and work out which rooms in the house the objects belong to.
  • Plenary (10 mins)
    A summary of what the children have learnt.

Learning Outcomes:

  • To show an understanding of the differences between homes now and in the past.
  • To recognise objects from the past.
  • To demonstrate an awareness of how the objects were used and what rooms they belonged to.
  • To show an understanding of associated words and phrases.

Cross-curricula links:

In addition to the primary focus of history, all the activities provide cross-curricula links. These include: Literacy, numeracy, design and technology, PSHE, art and geography.