Human Remains Policy, 2010

This Policy sets out how the human remains held by Cotswold Museum Service will be curated according to the Code of Practice published by the  Department of Culture, Media and Sport in October 2005.

The Cotswold Museum Service collections contain approximately 1200 human remains the majority of which were recovered during archaeological excavations conducted across Cotswold District over the past 60 years. These are of prehistoric, Roman, Saxon and Medieval date. They are used for scientific research, teaching and in appropriate examples, interpretative display.

The Policy lays out professional standards concerning the following areas of collections management relating to human remains:  acquisition;  loans; storage; conservation and collections management; display; access; research and educational use; claims for return of human remains; images; and de-accessioning.

Human Remains Research Request Form

All requests for carrying out research, including sampling and analysis, must be made by completing the request form and submitting it to the Corinium Museum.

Collections Development Policy

The Collections Development Policy supports the principal aims of the Museum Service by providing a strategic framework, and detailed guidance, to inform future collecting activities.  The policy applies to collections the Museum owns or to which it intends to acquire legal title.