Corinium Animations

As part of the Food For Thought exhibition three objects from the Corinium Museum collections were scanned using a laser scanner and turned into animations.

Hunt cup showing a hound chasing a deer. Beakers like this were very expensive and fashionable tablewares. Found during excavations at Leaholme, Cirencester, in 1961.

A rare enamelled cockerel figurine which was found in an infant burial during excavations of the former Bridges Garage site, Cirencester, in 2011. It may have originally been mounted on a pedestal as other surviving examples show.

Animation of a Roman scapula showing evidence of butchery. The background image has been reproduced from The Roman Commonwealth by Ralph Westwood Moore.

Animation and 3D scans by Lloyd Bosworth (@l3db6h), Classical & Archaeological Studies (@UniKentSECL), University of Kent (@UniKent)

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